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Hope you enjoy my art and writing! I'm afraid to say I'm pretty busy and don't get much time to post things, so if you've just recently followed: Bear with me |D


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Blip Reference Sheet by Bloodshadewolves
Blip Reference Sheet
I found some sound files of pokemon cries that are similar enough to Blip's sounds!………
-end edit-

profile ref and close-up of Eran:

Full Name: Test456-e
Nickname: Blip (preferred name)
Gender: Agender (no specific gender, but everyone uses male pronouns when referring to him)
Age: 210 years
Height: 7 feet 8 inches
Class: Engineer
Species: An artificial being, his specific group was called the dash 'e' test subjects or -e

Plant Name: Eran
Plant Species overview(As written by Urnam-BOT) : If your electronics fail you, this plant gives off plenty of light. Comes in a variety of color combinations and are easily spotted floating in a glowing solution in space. Creates nice dance parties.

Personality: Blip is an overall bubbly and happy creature, always wanting to help fix things or just socialize. He's spent most of his life either on his own or with the scientists of his home planet, so surrounded by such new circumstances and areas, he doesn't always know the correct actions for a situation. He can, however, read the overall atmosphere so he knows when to be quiet and when to be 'conversational' himself. He's seen by most of the crew as either a younger sibling or pet. He knows he's taller than a lot of the crew so he sits down on the floor a lot so they don't feel bad, and he's very innocent, especially when it comes to love. He's really only able to have childlike attachments to people as if they're his caretaker. Blip has no understanding of betrayal, hate, or anger; the only negative emotion he even sort of understands is sadness. Despite all this childishness, he seems twice as mature when he's working.

History: Blip has no idea how sad his own history is. He was created from tests involving plasma collected from space, and ectoplasm extracted from plant and creature cells, and even then he was just a large and shapeless blob. Eventually, the scientist in charge, the one he took as his father and main caretaker, created electronic orbs that can take the information passed through his particles and form it into movements, react to different kinds of gravity accordingly so 'Test456-e' could walk easily on any planet or craft, and also evolve him into a higher life form from the 'gooey phytoplankton' form he had before. After several trials, and the adding of his four audio-visual receptors, he was subject to years of cruel tests Blip perceived as play time.
         One year, when Blip was sixty four and scientists had programmed him with more than enough information concerning technology, engineering, robotics, and biology, they sent him on an indefinite mission to investigate other planets and their biological composition. It was fourty years after, he miscalculated his route and hit an asteroid belt. He was severely injured, went into kind of stasis, and was set floating. He has no recollection of how long he was out, and really doesn't keep track of his age anyways, but he woke up in the medical ward aboard Ben after six years of floating in dead space with damaged receptors and spheres, and gaps in his old suit that released too much fluids, so he wasn't able to wake. (he can survive the pressure its just that he needs an alien form of liquid nitrogen to survive.) When they realized he was awake,  they tried asking him questions. After a lot of miscommunication and odd sounds, Blip found that their general mission appealed to him (his brain was damaged and affected his memory so the memory of his mission faded, but his overall purpose and knowledge survived.), and so he joined the crew as an engineer. Many a crew come with broken robotic parts or robotic pets and ask for help, and he's happy to do so.

-Blip can make sounds that can only be compared to something both electronic yet watery. The most pronounced of this is a kind of chirp that he makes, which gives him his identifying name; "Blip". He can communicate with others using a form of morse with different blips and sounds, but he usually uses hand and body movements to communicate. He can audibly understand any language, but unless taught how to write it, he wouldn't be able to do anything with the information but know what someone is saying.

-He has no formal education. Everything he knows was either programmed, or something he learned or taught himself.

-he has the ability to form weak tentacle appendages to help grab or hold down things while he works. He usually doesn't do this often, and only if he has a tight work schedule and can't waist time. 

-Blip is covered in a two-inch thick semi-clear membrane that protects his body. It keeps his initial body clean from dirt, and also prevents him from leaving a trail on the floors. It is resistant to many things, such as intense cold temperatures, levels of heat under 2000 degrees, any form of radiation (he can actually absorb intense radiation and it gives him a kind of super boost. This is likely due to his ectoplasmic body being semi plant-like), body blows (such as punching or kicking. he can feel mild pain but it doesn't truly injure him). What the membrane isn't resistant to is deep cuts(with a knife or spear or scalpel, ie. anything sharp), stabs, plasma axes.

-His membrane is made up of many layers, and because he survives mainly on freezing liquid nitrogen (of a sort), he feels cold to the touch. While he isn't actually wet, the way his body is made it can fool other organism's sensors into feeling damp or wet.

-Unlike the stereotype typical of beings made of potentially oozing materials (slime monsters/gooey aliens), he cannot immediately cauterize a wound without medical assistance. He can also feel pain, and when cut he doesn't really bleed but it will ooze an acidic compound that will proceed to eat away at his membrane and plasma tissue. This is a form of self-destruction he developed on his own unwittingly, and if large wounds are not treated immediately he is at risk of stasis (coma) or death. or worse EXPULSION ahahahashutup

-Blip can actually form comprehensible sentences in his mind, he just has no vocal cords to express them. The sounds he creates are from the electricity in his body, and he figured out how to kind of 'twang' the electricity in his heart to make the sounds. They sound watery because they're travelling through the initial layer of protoplasm and membrane to be heard outside his body.

:bulletblue:Blue- none
:bulletred:Red- none
:bulletgreen:Green- two
:bulletyellow:Yellow- none
:bulletpurple:Purple- none

Roleplay Sample: (when he woke up on the ship for the first time)
             A semi-clear, blueish form stirred from on top of a medical table. ..uuhh...My orb hurts...great Gre'tz where am I..?, It opened It's dark gray sensors slowly, to get used to the harsh light shining down on it's glistening body. It slowly sat up, doing a quick check on the individual orbs floating in it's chest, head, and down it's back. All fine, though it ached like it was ran over by a blue smorthian slinth. A mental image of the thundering frilled beast filled it's head and it gave a watery sound akin to a chuckle. It looked around, and seeing nothing but sterile walls and a few other medical tables, it slid off the surface and onto the floor.
             It wavered, but steadied and started walking with slow steps as it investigated the room it was in. It decided it would stay put until something or someone came to the room. It turned and realised it had no pack on. It began to worry. Where is my pack?...How am I working- I need to get it on! It began stumbling around, trying to find the metal contraption that kept it working. It realized it had a bulbus patch on it's arm, the same color as it's sustenance. It calmed down a little, then left the room as obviously it's pack was not there. It walked down a long hallway and after taking many turns and stairs, it somehow managed to locate it's pack in another room like the one it was just in, but more cluttered and with mechanical parts strewn about. It's pack was on a table and it gave a loud gurgle of horror when it saw it's pack was dismantled and bent harshly in places.
            The creature instantly began working on it's pack, unbending the pieces with the tools saw, finding parts that would work from among the clutter, and after thirty minutes it's pack was back together in working order. It felt it's sore back, and gathered they managed to remove it somehow. It took the pack and inserted it back onto it's back, comforted by the familiar weight as it sunk into it's accustomed place. It gave a soft whirr, similar to a sigh, then put the things back where they were. It had been taught to clean up after itself, and when it turned to leave it saw a figure standing in the doorway watching it.
Blip and Eran by Bloodshadewolves
Blip and Eran
Just a ref of Blip and a new design for his plant friend, Eran.
Eran's casing is made of a kind of glass that is heavy and smooth like earth glass, but doesn't shatter as easily. the container obviously isn't to size, it's more 6 or so inches long. the cord is to size though, and Blip clips it to each end of the glass to carry Eran around with him. In his room, he has a little hook on the wall by his bed where he hangs Eran on as well, kind of like an organic night light.
There's not much of a change in Blip, just some slight changes in his anatomy and the fact his receptors now have pupils. I'll update the actual ref sheet soon. I mostly just wanted to draw my alien son :v

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  • Reading: Time books
  • Watching: Doctor Who
  • Playing: with Netflix
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So, long story short, the five-to-six-year-old family computer has... "Locked me out" of my personal account. I put that in quotes because it's not exactly locking me out, its more like it can't load the account.

Basically I can't use the computer. I can only get on with my mobile, like now, to reply to comments and notes and go through my daily deviations. So, to all my groups, especially :iconthe-painted-skies:, I won't be able to do much administration or participate in art-related activity checks, please forgive me. I intend to stay in the group but I can't do much more than note/Skype/comment roleplaying.
Also I'm obviously not going to be posting art apart from traditional pieces.

The solution I have for all this is this; I'm going to save up for a laptop for my own! I have a pretty well-paying job so if I save up all the money I get there I should be able to buy a good laptop after spring.

This was just an explanation for my absence of art and an excuse for my lack of participation in the group (did you know the dA app doesn't even show group pages. It's ridiculous. I can't get on chat rooms either).

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