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Hope you enjoy my art and writing! I'm afraid to say I'm pretty busy and don't get much time to post things, so if you've just recently followed: Bear with me |D


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TPS -- Rashidi by Bloodshadewolves
TPS -- Rashidi

Name: Rashidi
Name meaning: Wise Counselor
 Five Cycles

Gender: Male


Pack: Mwezi Pack
Skill: Song Skill- the ability to create a melody almost instantly, and to be able to remember it.

{Kind}- Rashidi is a kind soul, and always tries to talk instead of fight. If any of his pack mates or friends comes to him distressed, he will sit them down like a father and try to work out their problems. He's everybody's shoulder to cry on, and will gladly give up time to chat, which can be a fault at times.
{Wise}- True to his name, Rashidi is a thinker. He often is giving advice to pups and tenderfoots. During a crisis, he keeps a level head and takes the best course of action. He always keeps a plan b and plan c on hold for pretty much everything, and during his free time he likes to just contemplate his and everyone else's place in the world.
{Trusting}- To a fault, Rashidi believes everyone is good. He sees good in everyone. This can sometimes blind him and should someone betray him, he would go as far as blaming himself for it. He  can see bad habits and characteristics in others, but they're usually overshadowed by the positive ones.
{Depressed}- Rashidi has bouts of depression from time to time, and regularly has to take Patchouli Leaves to perk up. The only ones who know about these bouts is the Shaman, who gives him the leaves, and his Beta, who will take over on the very rare occasion Rashidi gets too depressed to do his duties.
{Stubborn}- Rashidi tends to be very stubborn and even thick-headed. He will do everything in his power to make sure his pack is happy and healthy, and no matter how many times someone tells him he doesn't have to, he will continue. If someone is injured and continues their work, he will demand they rest. If a den mother is up and about close to the end of her pregnancy, he will personally sit her down. He dotes on his entire pack, which can get annoying.
{odd}- This is just in general, but Rashidi has an odd way of speaking and carrying himself. He speaks in an old way (think old english), and always walks straight-backed but with a resting face of curiosity and mild surprise. He's very gentlemanly and polite, and tends to make small jokes not many others get. This is why his parent's named him so, because this was how he carried on since birth and they figured he was an old soul reborn.

Brief History: 
{Birth} Born to his mother Subira (Patience) and his father Tendaji (Makes things happen), Rashidi was the oldest pup of three. He was born blind, but that didn't hold him back. His parents believed his singular white-marked leg was a blessing of the moon, declaring he was destined to great things. He doesn't realize, but he always put this foot forward first when he walks, which draws other's eyes to it. Since he was firstborn he was tallest, though he didn't really know. He always had to keep tabs on his parents and siblings so he wouldn't be left behind, and so it developed into a habit to know where everyone was. He was a happy pup, and didn't worry about what his job would be. He and his two little brothers were opposites but they got along well. Rashidi was the quietest, his second was the most energetic, and his third was the strongest.

{Tenderfoot} At one point, All three pups wanted to be scrappers, but they eventually decided on different tasks. Rashidi would be a chaser, because of his long legs and keen ears and scenting. The second brother would be a carrier because of his tireless energy and thin frame. The third would be a scrapper for his muscles. At one point, Rashidi's parents and the Alpha of the time conversed about making Rashidi a slave because of his blindness, but he told them he was completely capable for hunting. His mindset was tested, though, when he and his brothers grew 2 moons old and Rashidi was assigned the toughest mentor, Jengo. Jengo was known for being ridiculously harsh and hard to please, and harsh he was. The first thing Jengo did with Rashidi was test his abilities to stalk and tasked him with getting one scarlet ibis feather. Rashidi succeeded and they went on with training. It was during this time Rashidi developed his depression and stubborn behavior. Many nights Rashidi would repeat the insults Jengo threw at him in his head. Jengo gave few compliments, many insults, and challenged Rashidi every day, so much so the poor guy would pass out within seconds of laying down. It was worth it, when (after a cycle and a half of training) he was tasked again with getting a scarlet ibis feather, this time one from a wing tip. Rashidi instead brought down the whole bird and gave it to Jengo, who plucked the wing tip feather himself. The next day Jengo declared Rashidi fit to become a full chaser, and gave him an earring with the two ibis feathers connected in a piece of hard clay. Jengo congratulated the blind dog and praised his improvement since their first meeting.

{Adulthood} Rashidi has since grown strong and a great chaser, despite his disability. He stayed close to his brothers and often went out with them, asking about their day. He's still the tallest of the three, but his third brother is the broadest and the second brother is the fastest. Rashidi was, at four cycles, chosen to be beta. Then, in a battle with a rouge lion not long after, he was suddenly catapulted into alpha rank. In that same battle his second brother was injured badly so he could not run as he used to, and his third brother lost an eye. After a moon his second retired early to the elders, and after a cycle as Alpha, Rashidi has grown used to his title. He enjoys his position and caring for everyone. 

Subira- Mother, deceased. "I loved her. It was fun, listening to her stories and jokes. May she rest in peace."
Tendaji- Father, deceased. "A good father, taught me and my brothers well in sparring. May he rest in peace."
Asani- second brother, alive. "I feel responsible for his injury and early retirement, but at least he is alive and well."
Fumo- third brother, alive. "I lament the loss of his eye, but he's as fierce as ever. I'm glad for his company."

Roleplay Example:
A young african wild dog stalked through the tall blanket of grass. He smelled the water, the grass, and the warm blood of the birds ahead, and heard their cries and the rustle of plants, and felt the warmth of the morning sun seep into him. He stopped when his muzzle hit open air and crouched, picking out the familiar scent of the ibis he was looking for. ‘By the moon I swear I will get that forsaken feather!’ He dashed forward, and leapt on an Ibis that was already trying to fly off. He bit into the bird's neck, hearing the quickened pulse stop and pour out along his tongue. The sounds of wings taking off all around him faded out as he made sure the bleeding scarlet ibis was dead. He took the bird by the base of it's broken neck and carried it back. He scented his way to his mentor, Jengo and lay the bird at the elder dog's paws. He sat back and listened as Jengo leaned down and quickly plucked a feather. The wing feather, with a black tip. Jengo spat the feather at the younger dog and spoke in his characteristic growl, "You are ready, Rashidi. Take the feather and don't break it, you blind fool. We're going back to camp to get you fully fledged." Rashidi's blind eyes widened and he quickly shuffled around for the feather, taking it's end in his mouth and chasing after his mentor, overjoyed that he was finally going to be a full Chaser. Jengo carried the dead ibis and Rashidi followed the scent of them both back to camp. He had no idea of the off-putting amount of blood around his mouth.


We're damned after all by Bloodshadewolves
We're damned after all
Happy Early Halloween! Have a thing :D
I'm excited can't you tell?

so a thing about to eat your soul. the title is from "Mama" by My Chemical Romance


We're damned after all
Through fortune and flame we fall.
And if you can stay then I'll show you the way,
To return from the ashes you call.

We all carry on
(We all carry on)
When our brothers in arms are gone .
(When our brothers in arms are gone)
So raise your glass high
For tomorrow we die,
And return from the ashes you call.

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  • Drinking: Nothin' : Zenzi : Trojan : Cassy

Another crab scuttled onto shore crawling over Zenzi’s foot. 

Zenzi had been continuing to pile rocks when she felt something brush across her foot. She stopped cold in her tracks, setting down the rock she’d been holding. “… What is that. What’s on my foot. Trojan. Trojan tell me what’s on my foot.”

The crab peacefully sat there

Trojan peeked his head out from on top of his boulder then slowly sank away, “it’s better if you didn’t look.”

It makes little crab noises

Blip meanwhile walked through the forest of this random island It was dumped on. So far, only wildlife and a few carnivorous plants where the signs of life It’d found as It tried to find a place to stay. It stumbled upon a massive tree towering above the others, and It thought It could see a hollow in the center of the trunk. It climbed the tree and set to work cleaning up the cavernous hollow.

Her ears slowly flattened themselves against her head as the little noises reached them. “I don’t need to look,” She said, slowly raising her foot and her leg; before legit kicking the crab off her foot. Her leg was like, straight up in the air.

Cassy looked outside as she saw Blip crawl into one of the other holes, she slowly moved her way towards them, her get-up disguising her, as she looked like some kind of native.

Trojan screamed as the crab went flying up on his rock. He disappeared from sight.

The crab looked around, quite confused.

Trojan practically rolled off the rock. Flying crab? No thanks. He slid off the rock and landed with a thud in a huge mound of sand. His face was completely buried in the sand.

Zenzi blinked, lowering her leg before she carefully made her way over to Trojan, careful of the crab. “Troj? Are you alright…?”

Cassy stood at the trees and waddled towards her friends.

There was a muffled angry shout coming from the sand. Then he yanked his head out, causing sand to fly out everywhere. He shook his head and sand spilled everywhere, even when he was done sand would fall every time he moved. Poor fluff tainted. “no nO I AM NOT ALRIGHT  DAMMIT.”

Blip tossed the rubbish out the entrance and watched it hit the forest floor, then went back in and thought for a moment, not noticing Cassy.

Cassy doged the rubble and popped her head up, “WHO THERE!”

She shielded her face from the onslaught of sand, actually having to shake herself off once there’d been so much of it. She couldn’t help the smile on her face though, before she crouched down and started to ruffle his head in an attempt to get more of the sand out. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to kick the thing in your directon.”

Blip jumped at the shout and stuck It’s head out the entrance with a questioning gurgle. It saw Cassy and didn’t quite recognize her, so it waved in greeting.

She jumped up and poked him with her staff, “Ah I remember you! Of what kingdom do you rule?” she asked.

Blip tilted It’s head questioningly and slowly signed, “Tree?”

Trojan simply sat there with an irritated grumpy face as she ruffled his hair. “You. Are. Terrible. I hope you feel bad,” He couldn’t stop himself from giving her a slight evil smile in the end.

Cassy stuck out her hand, “Hello Tree King! May I ask for your alliance? Or are you going to the Utensils? HAHAHAHAHAH!”

She continued to run her fingers though his hair. Jeeze, his hair like, retained sand. No matter how much she ruffled it, or combed it out with her fingers, more sand kept comin’ out. She pouted at him thought. “I do feel bad, but I didn’t mean to do it on purpose. But I’ll tell you what, I owe you, since I feel so terrible.”

Cass laughed as she jumped out of the tree landing on her crab mount, “I NEED TO SPEAK WITH ZENZI!” She shouted and the crab scuttled off.

Trojan’s evil grin spread across his face and he held up two fingers, “You owe me two things, lucky me.”

Blip stood there, confused. After a few moments, It signed, “I will stay neutral. Neither.”

She blinked, her ears falling. “Oh. I… I actually forgot about that first one.”

He closed his eyes and propped his head up with both arms, “I don’t’ forget too easily.”

Cassy jumped off her crab and landed between them, “I COME IN PEACE!” she shouted.

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