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Hope you enjoy my art and writing! I'm afraid to say I'm pretty busy and don't get much time to post things, so if you've just recently followed: Bear with me |D


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  • Mood: Humor
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Another crab scuttled onto shore crawling over Zenzi’s foot. 

Zenzi had been continuing to pile rocks when she felt something brush across her foot. She stopped cold in her tracks, setting down the rock she’d been holding. “… What is that. What’s on my foot. Trojan. Trojan tell me what’s on my foot.”

The crab peacefully sat there

Trojan peeked his head out from on top of his boulder then slowly sank away, “it’s better if you didn’t look.”

It makes little crab noises

Blip meanwhile walked through the forest of this random island It was dumped on. So far, only wildlife and a few carnivorous plants where the signs of life It’d found as It tried to find a place to stay. It stumbled upon a massive tree towering above the others, and It thought It could see a hollow in the center of the trunk. It climbed the tree and set to work cleaning up the cavernous hollow.

Her ears slowly flattened themselves against her head as the little noises reached them. “I don’t need to look,” She said, slowly raising her foot and her leg; before legit kicking the crab off her foot. Her leg was like, straight up in the air.

Cassy looked outside as she saw Blip crawl into one of the other holes, she slowly moved her way towards them, her get-up disguising her, as she looked like some kind of native.

Trojan screamed as the crab went flying up on his rock. He disappeared from sight.

The crab looked around, quite confused.

Trojan practically rolled off the rock. Flying crab? No thanks. He slid off the rock and landed with a thud in a huge mound of sand. His face was completely buried in the sand.

Zenzi blinked, lowering her leg before she carefully made her way over to Trojan, careful of the crab. “Troj? Are you alright…?”

Cassy stood at the trees and waddled towards her friends.

There was a muffled angry shout coming from the sand. Then he yanked his head out, causing sand to fly out everywhere. He shook his head and sand spilled everywhere, even when he was done sand would fall every time he moved. Poor fluff tainted. “no nO I AM NOT ALRIGHT  DAMMIT.”

Blip tossed the rubbish out the entrance and watched it hit the forest floor, then went back in and thought for a moment, not noticing Cassy.

Cassy doged the rubble and popped her head up, “WHO THERE!”

She shielded her face from the onslaught of sand, actually having to shake herself off once there’d been so much of it. She couldn’t help the smile on her face though, before she crouched down and started to ruffle his head in an attempt to get more of the sand out. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to kick the thing in your directon.”

Blip jumped at the shout and stuck It’s head out the entrance with a questioning gurgle. It saw Cassy and didn’t quite recognize her, so it waved in greeting.

She jumped up and poked him with her staff, “Ah I remember you! Of what kingdom do you rule?” she asked.

Blip tilted It’s head questioningly and slowly signed, “Tree?”

Trojan simply sat there with an irritated grumpy face as she ruffled his hair. “You. Are. Terrible. I hope you feel bad,” He couldn’t stop himself from giving her a slight evil smile in the end.

Cassy stuck out her hand, “Hello Tree King! May I ask for your alliance? Or are you going to the Utensils? HAHAHAHAHAH!”

She continued to run her fingers though his hair. Jeeze, his hair like, retained sand. No matter how much she ruffled it, or combed it out with her fingers, more sand kept comin’ out. She pouted at him thought. “I do feel bad, but I didn’t mean to do it on purpose. But I’ll tell you what, I owe you, since I feel so terrible.”

Cass laughed as she jumped out of the tree landing on her crab mount, “I NEED TO SPEAK WITH ZENZI!” She shouted and the crab scuttled off.

Trojan’s evil grin spread across his face and he held up two fingers, “You owe me two things, lucky me.”

Blip stood there, confused. After a few moments, It signed, “I will stay neutral. Neither.”

She blinked, her ears falling. “Oh. I… I actually forgot about that first one.”

He closed his eyes and propped his head up with both arms, “I don’t’ forget too easily.”

Cassy jumped off her crab and landed between them, “I COME IN PEACE!” she shouted.

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