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Hope you enjoy my art and writing! I'm afraid to say I'm pretty busy and don't get much time to post things, so if you've just recently followed: Bear with me |D


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Sand That Swirls in The Breeze - BTS Application by Bloodshadewolves
Sand That Swirls in The Breeze - BTS Application
-edit- Redo of her app. I recently realized I was entirely unhappy with it, and not only that I changed her main fur color just slightly and tweaked a few things.

[Name]: Sand That Swirls in The Breeze
[Nickname]: Sand, very occasionally Breeze.
[Age]: 3 Years
[Gender]: Female
[Breed]: 30% Javanese, 30% Oriental Shorthair, 20% Abyssinian, 20% Sand Cat
[Tribe]: Tribe of Lost Skies
[Rank]: Hunter
[Mate]: Yes
[Pebbles]: 15

[Items / Accessories]: One, a clay bead on some string with the symbol of her tribe carved into it. Given to her by her  currently deceased mother.

[Brief Personality]:
[[Cheeky]] Sand has a bad habit of making snide remarks or acting smug. Especially when she's beat another cat in something. She just loves rubbing it in, mainly because as a kit she was rare to win anything. She's obviously a sore loser because of this, but is pretty quiet about it. She won't shout "You cheated!" or "Oh, c'mon!" or anything, but she won't congratulate the other either. This also applies to when she finds she was right (or wrong) about something.
[[Tomboy]] Sand is often times mistaken as a Tom by her looks, as well as her actions. She isn't dainty in the least, and almost enjoys getting dirty, as clean as she may be. She hangs out more with Toms rather than She cats, preferring their kind of humor and entertainment. She'll climb onto anything (or anyone), she'll dig through the nastiest piles of things, and she's known for being the most brave and brash in her litter (often flinging worms and bugs at her siblings).
[[Caring]] Contrary to the above personalities, though, Sand is kind and loving. She loved to cuddle and care for her siblings just as much as she liked to mess with them, and this carried on to her adult life, as she's a bit of a cuddler (denmates occasionally complain to her cuddling them in her sleep). She was always a momma's girl and with a mother like her's was, it's no surprise she's grown up to be a bit of a motherly character. If any friends are injured, she'll take to pacing in front of the healer's den, worrying, and she's surprisingly sweet to kits and younger trainees.
[[Insecure]] Sand is typically seen as a bold, confident, always-laughing She cat, but just like any other cat she has her insecurities. She's not overly fond of her appearance, she often times says "you could've done better" to herself when hunting, and she can even be timid. Sometimes, when she's alone, her mind becomes jumbled-up and runs in circles, her bad and good thoughts swirling around and making her a little jumpy (if you come upon her in that state and suddenly say something she's likely to jump a foot or two in the air). Very few see her confidence crack, but if it ever does she usually tried to cover it up, so most don't notice any change.

[Brief History]:
      As a kit, Sand was the biggest of three kits. Her little brother and sister were both shy and timid little things, and outwardly opposite to their bigger sister as they were dark gray like their father. They both would get sick more than Sand as well, and because Sand was so protective of them, she pretty much always stood by them and their mother during those times. Sand adored her mother anyways, so it wasn't hard to stay there. She was and always will be a momma's girl. Her mother was so pretty, with soft auburn fur and startling blue eyes, and she would sometimes curse her own mottled brown-gray fur. She would do anything for her mom, and always sat still and listened to her tell stories and teach her how to play without hurting anyone, and she has fond memories of draping herself over her mom's side and slowly falling asleep while she hummed to her. Her father wasn't around much, being one of the tribe's best hunters. The few times he was there, he seemed uncomfortable and awkward with his children and didn't do much with them. He did, however, sometimes take Sand out of camp and teach her the basics of hunting, and those where the few times he was comfortable with her. Sand's life was good, but it soon took a turn.
      One winter, Sand's brother and sister got very sick. It was a moon before they were to be promoted to trainees, and all three had been so excited. Weeks went by, and her siblings were not getting better. Sand stayed by their side as much as she could, despite being told to keep away lest she catch the sickness too. They finally lost the will to live, and passed on. It was a week before the ceremony, and Sand felt empty. It took almost the entire week for her to stop grieving, and by the ceremony, she came to terms with them being gone and was determined to make her siblings proud and be the best hunter ever, better than their father. 
      Sand trained hard and long, and after many long moons, she was finally a hunter. By this time, her father had retired to the elders den early from an injury which left his left forepaw twisted. For her ceremony, her mother gave her the necklace she wears today, with a single clay bead on it and the Tribal Symbol carved into it. As more time passed, Sand's mother moved to the elder's den with her father, and later on they both eventually died peaceful deaths. Sand is the last remaining cat of her family, but she doesn't mind, because her Tribe is her family.

Bullet; RedBullet; Red (Loathe/Despise)
Bullet; Red (Discomfort)
Bullet; Black (Acquaintance)
Bullet; Blue (Friend)
Bullet; Green (Good Friend)
Bullet; Yellow (Crush)
Bullet; Pink (Love)
Bullet; Purple (Respect)
Bullet; White (Special)

Tribe of Lost Skies:

Bullet; Black/Bullet; Purple Shadow of Hunting Falcon: "hmm, well, more like I'm escorting you." A fun tom, though so far he seems kind of odd. Maybe it's just because he's from a different tribe? Anyways as rude as he is he's a cool cat and I hope I can help him find his father.

Tribe of Loud Echoes:

Tribe of Lasting Water: 

Bullet; Pink/Bullet; Purple/Bullet; White Dawn of Blazing Fire: "I think.. I love you, too." He's such a gentleman, but just as much of a joker as I am. I enjoy his company to no end, and I don't care we're from different tribes, I love him. I can't wait until the next meeting.


[Roleplay Example]: 
As the sun set, a mottled brown and gray cat skirted around a tall hill, silhouetted by the fiery explosion of colors in the sky. Her mouth was laden with freshly killed prey and a glint in her green eyes betrayed the satisfaction she had in her hunt. She finally made it around the hill, and quickly trotted towards the nearest fresh-kill pile. Dropping her kill into the pile she sat for a moment. A few cats were milling about but most were in their dens, ready to sleep. After catching her breath, the cat stood once again to get the last load of prey. The few cats still up didn't say much as she passed them, just giving a light nod, and she returning it. As she trotted along her way, she began humming a song her mother taught her absentmindedly. She reached the last bit of prey she caught and began to gather it up. She didn't notice the small pair of eyes watching her as she straightened up and headed on her way.


-taste of rabbits/mice
-pretty much anyone
-the feeling of a successful hunt

-taste of frogs
-slow minded cats
-anyone who hurts kits
-the occasional annoyance

[[Sexual Orientation]] 
Likes strong and sweet toms, as well as cute and awkward toms.

[[Other Information]]
-lizards interest her and during her free time often finds and plays with them.
-Is very perceptive of mood changes in others, and depending on who it is, she will chose her words carefully based on this.
-Has the uncanny ability to know if she's being followed (this intimidates nearly every pursuer).
-Has a small frame, but long legs attributed to the Tribe of Lost Skies, and surprisingly strong.
-Fairly wise and likes giving advice/cheering cats up.
-Takes to jumping cats in the territory because she blends in so well with the area.
-Always loves a good joke, no matter who says it or what it's about.
-Doesn't have too firm a grasp on the differences of the tribes and will always be willing to strike up a conversation with someone from another tribe (or no tribe at all), even if they're trespassing.
-No one thinks 'laid-back' when she comes to mind, but she's surprisingly go-with-the-flow.
-Knows how to read and write, as her mother was a scribe and taught her as a kit.
  • Mood: Adoration
  • Listening to: Spotify
  • Reading: An Acceptable Time
  • Watching: Sherlock
  • Playing: with Netflix
  • Eating: Pecan Pie
  • Drinking: Gingerale

Anyways, hey peeps.
Just putting this here; I've made a new Tumblr. It's, ah, here>

I decided to delete my old one! To many reblogs. I still reblog a lot, but I also post more personal thoughts and I'm just plain more active up there art-wise. I'm not saying "HEY GO FOLLOW ME!!!!1!" No. I'm just saying, if you'd like to see more art (ranging from sketches and terrible attempts at digital painting to some (personally) pretty darn good arts), or more personal thoughts/things, or y'know just ask a question or two (to me or a character), feel absolutely free to do so. Hell, I'm even open to giving advice, as terrible as it will probably be |D

Again I reblog a lot, but it's marginally more art-centered. Beware, I do sometimes repost gore-related arts, or (very occasionally) nsfw. 
So, go at you're own risk? Follows are appreciated, but again, do what you want. c:

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